Kameo:Elements of Power [360]


Review by Warren Ferguson

Kameo is one of those rare titles that after having being developed on three systems finally got released on the Xbox 360. The game is a 3rd person action title and you play the role of Kameo, a little elf princess who is granted the power of the elementals. Elementals are group of creatures that each have something to do with the elements. The catch is that you do not control them, but actually transform into them.

Graphically the game seems to take a lot from old cartoons. The world around you is lit appropriately for the environment you are in, giving it a feel as if I am actually playing a CG cartoon. The sound, though not 5.1, is still rich and ambient. The musical score is done by an orchestra and is very enjoyable, with the feel of a fantasy movie. This is a big plus in the game. The voice acting, though not brilliant, is still better then many of the bigger budget games I’ve played.

Now, on to the game itself…

The intro sequence gives you a quick run down of what happened, but most of the story can be found in the loading screens as text. The basic run down is that Kameo’s sister is jealous of the love and attention her parents gave to her and decides to exact revenge and release a Troll king who has been imprisoned by her father many years ago.

The first level throws you into a tutorial section where you begin to see one of the things this game does well, scope. You look out around you and you will find soldiers fighting trolls all over the place. This extends to most regions of the game and you will encounter vast armies clashing in the middle of battlefields. It’s also impressive that all of this action happens without any lag. You can even join in the fray, if you wish.

The tutorial gives you three of the elemental warriors, as they are called, to learn the basics of the game, to transform, use the powers of each warrior, simultaneously if necessary, and of course how to get used to the controls. The controls are a little awkward and clunky and the camera, unfortunately, seems to suffer from the bane of most third person games it just is never really where I need it to be, Thankfully, compared to other games that are far worse, I’ve gotten used to clunky controls and bad cameras, and it’s definitely not bad enough to ruin the game.

After the castle you awaken stripped of all your elementals and find yourself greeted by a creature called the mystic who tells you more of what needs to be done and what to do. You are then taken by a warrior trainer to get the Wotnot Book, which is a very important element in this game. This is where your elemental warriors are stored. You also have the ability to upgrade the warriors abilities using the Wotnot Book when a special fruit is found. (They are scattered all over the kingdom) The book is also your guide on this journey as a wizard named Orthos is trapped in the book and will give you advice if needed. He does get a little annoying sometimes when he keeps piping up with “I know what to do”, or “I am here if you need help”. Generally, you don’t need to use his advice as the game is pretty straight forward. The only times I used his advice is when it came to the boss fights, as its not made obvious how to defeat them; and trust me, the bosses are possibly the hardest part of this game not because of difficulty, but because of the clunky controls.

Your first and most important quest though in the game is to find the remaining elemental warriors. To do this you travel to different lands or towns, each one different to the last, ranging from an enchanted garden to a snowy mountain tops, all the while fighting the Troll armies who don’t use magic but instead old steam punk inspired technologies and on occasion dragons. Be prepared to see four storey high tanks on the battlefield, trolls the size of skyscrapers and of course, fighting on an old airship. The game borrows heavily from different genres and integrates it well.

I’m not saying it is a fantastically brilliant game, I’m saying it is a good game done very well only hindered by a few little snags that do affect game play. Is it worth it on a budget? A resounding yes! For the price this game is well worth it and makes a difference to all the FPS games and games shrouded in brown that have been released lately.

If you are a fan of the fantasy genre in film and books, like I am, then this game will tickle that fancy for a good solid 10 hours.

There was one issue I did experience with the game, for some reason if you create a new profile while being offline, when you go on Xbox live and try to play under that profile you cannot. Not to sure why this is or why it’s never been fixed, but it is a pain to have to log off Live to play this game.

Verdict : 4 Stars
The game is worth its price. Now, I can see why, on launch, it got rave reviews. It is just the right amount of difficulty and has just enough length to not get boring. Go for it if you want a break from all the other games released.

Release Date : 7 November 2005

Take 2 – R269

Zaps (2nd hand) – R169

Approx 2nd hand price on xbox-360.co.za – R80-R120


5 Responses to “Kameo:Elements of Power [360]”

  1. MadMoose Says:

    Kameo was one of those special games that I will always remember. If you have not played it , then you should definitly pick it up!!!!

  2. cannis@budgetgamer.co.za Says:

    You have that right, it is definitely different from most games, I think my next review if the boss okays it will be PD0

  3. Milesh Bhana Says:

    i got Kameo, and Burnout Revenge a week later, have been meaning to go back to it since. I will… soon.

  4. Jonni Says:

    Very cool review. I love this game! Its one of the most polished games ever! GFX still hold their own.

    2 things I disagree with is the bad camera and controls. Controls are really easy, so much so that casual gamers will pick up on the game very quickly. The simple use of LT and RT for all attacks and abilitys makes it really simple. Also I never had any issues with the camera?

  5. cannis@budgetgamer.co.za Says:

    I had endless problems with the controls, it was not the layout persey but just the feeling of them, sometimes it felt as if there was a delay. Camera wasn’t as bad as other 3rd person games, but often I had to use the Right stick and shift it around to places it should be looking at not where it decided was a good place, generally this happens when you are being clobbered by something. Otherwise the game is very easily picked up, especially if you have not really played any other game where the controls respond quicker.

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