Condemned: Criminal Origins [360]


Review by Leavell Sampson

I had not heard of Condemned until the mini hype was made for Condemned 2. I saw it at Tradestation and decided, why the hell not? At a glance, the graphics are a little weak, but I have seen worse. The games makes up for it with the dark and involved storyline it follows.

I’ve always loved horror movies and was fooled into thinking this was a horror game, it’s an investigative thriller about a FBI agent who is framed for killing two other cops while on a hunt for a serial killer. Obviously, knowing that you are framed kinda gets you thinking that this is a carbon copy from a movie, and it does feel so. However, all the twist and turns in the plot and a well written script makes this game shine. Coming to the end your eyes open and you really get lost in your own head because it really does screw with your mind. Now I don’t want to give any spoilers for the game, but the end is really awesome, at least I think so.

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The effort that went into the interaction with you and your deranged enemies is impressive. The AI in this game is a little messed up but amazing. You can get so involved that if you get hit you can almost feel the pain and you will flinch while doing so. Impressed indeed, I am. This is a game where the idea is great, but the execution could have been much better.

The hand to hand combat is awesome but the player movement, which goes hand in hand with camera movement is constrictive and frustrating at times. All that being said, it is bearable.

I do think this is a game that you should have a look at if you like anything dark, but with humans and things that are realistic. Oh, and obviously killing druggies is great, nothing beats the feeling of putting a fire axe to the head of a crazy crack-head.

Condemned is kind of like a first-person shooter, except instead of only shooting, there’s just a lot of pure, bloody brawling. For some strange reason, there’s no real bare-handed combat, but improvised weapons are everywhere. You’ve got everything from metal pipes, to nail-covered two-by-fours, to fire axes, to sledgehammers, to signposts. Each weapon is rated differently for speed, range, power, and defense, though the differences can be pretty subtle. So it’ll often come down to a subjective choice: How does that metal conduit strike you? How about that nice concrete-crusted rebar over there? Take your pick, and hang on to it, because you can only carry one weapon at a time.

So stay off the crack or else feel the wrath of Condemned…lol, I is only kidding. Having finished this and it being one of the few that I have finished I must say that it was worth my while.

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A genuine “Not To Be Missed” game. Now if only I could kill some real drug addicts then we will all smile. (That statement is meant in a humorous context and does not imply harm to others. Kind Regards, Management.)

Verdict : 4 Stars
I give this game a 4 out of 5, if the graphics and movement was better then it would have gotten a nice big 5 from me. Even for its time the graphics are ok-ish, but not as bad as Bulletwitch was. One thing I forgot to mention, this game is best played at night with the lights off. Trust me, you’ll need clean undies.

And this concludes my first review as a Budget Gamer, cause gaming cheap is possible.

Release Date : 2 December 2005

Usually we tell you where you can buy the game cheap here, but retailers don’t appear to be carrying new stock… but there are plenty of second hand copies floating around.

Zaps (2nd hand) – R129

Approx 2nd hand price on – R80-R120



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    Hey, cool tips. I’ll buy a glass of beer to the person from that forum who told me to go to your site 🙂

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