Some good news for these troubled times


If you’ve managed to tear yourself from whatever game you’re playing you might have noticed that world markets are crashing, the R/$ is at an all time low. Chances are, everything is going to go up leaving you less money for games, and then games will possibly go up making this even harder.

I did see a few interesting things to cheer up a pessimistic gamer and I thought I share some of it.

Firstly, if you were considering an XBOX360, you’ll be happy to know that they’ve cut the price.

As of this week,
360 Arcade – R1799 (down from R1999)
360 Pro – R2699 (down from R2999 AND the 20GB Hard drive has been upgraded to a 60GB)
360 Elite – R3499 (down from R3999)

Yes, you’ve read correctly, a next-gen console can be had for under R2000!

Also, some of the older 360 games have had their prices cut to R189.

The Darkness
Brian Lara Cricket 2007
Colin Mcrae DiRT
LMA Manager 2007
Clive Barker’s Jericho
Moto GP’06
Stuntman 2
Moto GP’07
Juiced 2
Cars 2
Dead Rising
Lost Planet
Flatout Ultimate Carnage
Time Shift
Crash of the Titans
F.E.A.R – Files
Spiderwick Chronicles
Virtua Fighter 5

And lastly, I noticed that have introduced a nifty little feature on their website. If you go to the gaming section, they have a Budget Games section where they’ve compiled a list of games that are available at reasonable prices. Convienient if there are some older gems that you can’t find second hand. While their prices are more-or-less the same as other e-tailers, it’s the easiest budget game search (for South Africans anyway that you’ll find on-line)

So yes, things are probably going to get bad, but you can at least take comfort that there are some awesome games going cheap for all consoles.


2 Responses to “Some good news for these troubled times”

  1. 2Three Says:

    TimeShift and The Darkness are must-play games for shooter fans, in my opinion. A lot of people missed out on them because too many high profile games were released right around the same time… such as BioShock and Halo 3 and then COD4. Now that the price has dropped, it’s a great time to check them out… they’re solid, fun games worth a look for those that might have missed them when they first came out.

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