The Silly Season has begun


article by Milesh Bhana

Throughout the website’s short lifespan, we’ve been talking about saving cash on games. The general consensus has been don’t buy new, get older or second hand games. Most of us here at budgetgamer have been pretty good about that.

Of course, starting 24 October, all of that is going out the window. So much good stuff coming out that we as gamers start losing all sensibility and want the latest games now!

I mean seriously, look at this schedule!
Take A Deep Breath – It all starts on Friday | LazyGamer .:: South African Gaming News ::.

Some awesome gaming, but with the rand crashing we’ve seen games go up by approx R50-R70 and an average price of R750 for PS3/XBOX.

So today I thought I’d put in some general thoughts on how to get through this season.

1. Choose Carefully.
As much as you’d like to believe, not all of these games are going to be awesome. Try not to get them on release day, but rather wait a week for a decent batch of reviews to hit and check the forums for opinions of your peers. While reviewers are often wrong and friends may not have the same opinion as you, you’ll get a decent idea on whether or not to grab that title. Metacritic is a good place to go for game reviews.

Shop On-Line
This may be a problem for some of you without credit cards, but you can always give the cash to your mom/dad/friend and let them buy it for you. Sometimes you’ll get the game a day or two late, but it’s worth it as they are often 20% cheaper than going to the mall and buying your games there.

The best places to shop on-line are

Usually have the best prices. Order on-line but decline the delivery charge of R40 and pick up the game yourself. THey’ll also trade some games for in-store credit. Unfortunately, they’re only in JHB, so non-JHB peeps are going to have to pay the delivery charge, which isn’t so bad if you’re buying more than one game.

BGR On-line
A relatively new player on the market, their selection is not as grand as their competitors but their prices are the same, sometimes better than Zaps and often have free delivery on selected titles. (If you order Far Cry 2 before 31 October, delivery is free). They also import some of the harder to find accessories and are definitely worth checking out.

BT Games
They’re a little more expensive than Zaps and BGR, but will often include gifts with pre-orders. If you order Gears of War 2, it’s R30 more than Zaps and BGR, but you get a GoW2 T-Shirt. If you’re not in JHB, BT games has branches nationwide (they even have a branch in PE!), so buying from them and collecting in store will usually be less than buying from a JHB based store and paying the postage.

If you pick up the latest edition of NAG Magazine, there is a supplement filled with BT Games coupons. R100 off a new PS3/PSP/Wii and R50 off an XBOX. Also a few nice gifts when purchasing certain games. You can get an XBOX Accessory bag with your purchase of Lips or Scene It – Box Office Smash.
Their prices are similar to BT Games, offer free shipping on purchases over R300 (usually the case with games) and if you’re an FNB Client you can earn more eBucks. If anything, now is a good time to abuse those loyalty/rewards programs. (and yes, i’ll write an aricle on how to abuse rewards programs soon)

3. Watch for Specials
Places like Incredible Connection, Musica, Look and Listen and Hi-Fi Corp do have decent prices. But their specials are generally on big ticket items, so for games, not the best places to shop. However, if you’re looking to get a new console, keep your eyes peeled as they’ll often drop the price or throw in a free game.

4. Know what the prices should be
As I’ve mentioned in a previous article the 360 prices have dropped, but I’ve seen many of the stores in Sandton City still charging old pricing.

5. Please, please, please, DON’T pirate!
Right now, it’s more tempting than ever to do this disgusting thing. Especially if you’re a PC/XBOX owner. I know you can get a leaked copy of Gears of War 2, Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3. I’ve seen people sell copies for as little as R100. The temptation to mod your box and play games for less than the price and before anyone else is tempting. Don’t do it. Less sales in SA means less of the good titles coming this way as distributors see SA as a less than profitable territory. We’ve never had this much choice in SA, let’s keep it that way.

I hope you have found this guide useful. I’ll write another one soon highlighting more specials and tips and tricks for getting through this tough but awesome season.


2 Responses to “The Silly Season has begun”

  1. Mobius Says:

    And also wait for a few months until the price drops, either on eBay or EBGames 🙂

  2. sam Says:

    need for most wanted

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