I think we all (well in South Africa anyway) find ourselves looking for bargains. Things have been tough lately. Let’s face it, gaming is a somewhat unnecessary luxury and we can’t always have all the shiny new titles. Yet bargain bins are full of old titles, the 2nd hand trade sections on forums and in stores like BT Games, Zaps, Animeworx and Trade Stations are flourishing. Are they filled with crap that no-one should play or are there some bona-fide gems hiding in there.

I’ve found myself asking that question too many times lately, and I figured it would be awesome to have a place that caters for those rough months. So i decided to make one.

Any game I review must have been obtained for under R300. Why R300 ? Well it’s because it’s the retail price of XBOX360 Classics. When I know the price of PS3 Greatest Hits, I’ll make that the max price for PS3 games. I know that there are some people who will not buy second hand games.

I’ll try and keep my eyes open for deals, and post my findings here. And naturally I’ll keep writing about the older stuff we find.

I hope that many of you will find this blog useful.

…Milesh Bhana.


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