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Budgetgamer’s Guide to Audio – Part 2

22 September 2008

by Warren Ferguson

In our previous guide we looked at alternatives to surround sound. This time we’re looking at going the whole nine yards. Surround sound for your console is not out of your reach, with this guide we can take a look at how you can afford to step into the world of surround sound.



Budgetgamer’s Guide to HD – Part 1

1 September 2008

by Milesh Bhana

In this generation of consoles, one of the biggest changes we’ve seen has been the improvement of graphical quality. Games like Gears of War, Uncharted:Drake’s Fortune, Metal Gear Solid 4 have shown us what the console’s are capable of graphically.

When seeing these games looking their best, we’re always shown the game, the “way it’s meant to be played” on a flat paneled widescreen High Definition (HD) TV.

As luck would have it, these are substantially more expensive that your standard television set, which natually, is where we come in. For many of you money, or simply not having enough space prevents you from getting an HD display.

A simple and cheap solution is to simply use a PC monitor. While these may not be HD in the strictest sense, the technology is similar enough for you to get the same benefit. The best part about using a PC monitor is that there’s a chance you may already have one.


Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune [PS3]

25 August 2008

Review by Luke Paruman

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, was one of the PS3’s best games of 2007. This year it got a new breath of life with a 13mb patch that allowed players to gain trophies. That’s not to say that the game did not already have a host of collectable and unlockable features from behind the scenes features, to medals & treasures that are rendered in 3D and you can view what you have collected, that alone would have required multiple re-plays and I’m glad to say it’s one of those games that I’ll happily play over and over again.

It has also been released in SA as a PS3 Platinum game, so it falls in close to our R300 budget 😉

Uncharted is, at a glance an action adventure game, it’s got lots of action and lots of adventure. Not unlike the Indiana Jones series of movies, it gels its story and action (gameplay) so well that you could actually sit and watch someone play and find it a very enjoyable experience.


Budgetgamer’s Guide to Audio – Part 1

11 August 2008

by Milesh Bhana

Next-gen gaming is surrounded by a cloud of buzz words, HD, Dolby Digital etc.. but what does it all mean? Well, we’ll get into that in a moment but essentially it means a more immersive gaming experience. Don’t be afraid of them and don’t rush out and buy every thing the salesmen tell you that you will need. Let’s start with the basics: Audio, sure having a fancy picture is great but a good audio setup can really enhance your gaming (and movie watching) without costing an arm and a leg.


Sony announced PS3 “Greatest Hits” at E3

17 July 2008

Good evening budget gamers.

Well it’s been an exciting week. MS, Nintendo and Sony have all finished their keynote addresses at E3 and I’ve pretty much run out of bandwidth watching all the new game trailers.

On that note, Sony have finally announced their budget range. Now called “Greatest Hits”. I guess they didn’t call it Platinum to avoid confusion with PS2 budget range.

So, watch this space for when these games will be hitting our shores and what price.

The initial Greatest Hits range will be

Resistance : Fall of Man
Call of Duty 3
Fight Night Round 3
Need for Speed : Carbon
Rainbow 6 : Vegas
Assassin’s Creed
Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Not a bad selection at all. So look out for the red bordered PS3 games. Coming soon, we hope.