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The Silly Season has begun

27 October 2008

article by Milesh Bhana

Throughout the website’s short lifespan, we’ve been talking about saving cash on games. The general consensus has been don’t buy new, get older or second hand games. Most of us here at budgetgamer have been pretty good about that.

Of course, starting 24 October, all of that is going out the window. So much good stuff coming out that we as gamers start losing all sensibility and want the latest games now!

I mean seriously, look at this schedule!
Take A Deep Breath – It all starts on Friday | LazyGamer .:: South African Gaming News ::.

Some awesome gaming, but with the rand crashing we’ve seen games go up by approx R50-R70 and an average price of R750 for PS3/XBOX.

So today I thought I’d put in some general thoughts on how to get through this season.