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Need for Speed : Most Wanted [360]

13 October 2008

Review By Warren Ferguson

Give me the Need for Speed.

Need for Speed is a series of games that started as more of a simulator way back in 1994, with each iteration getting more and more towards the casual racing game fan. The games are generally about driving really fast around city streets rather then proper laid out tracks. I thought with the new one, NFS:Undercover, being released soon that I’d review an older Need for Speed title also released on the 360 to see if you can still get a bit of fun (at a decent price, of course) before the new one comes out.



Some good news for these troubled times

8 October 2008

If you’ve managed to tear yourself from whatever game you’re playing you might have noticed that world markets are crashing, the R/$ is at an all time low. Chances are, everything is going to go up leaving you less money for games, and then games will possibly go up making this even harder.

I did see a few interesting things to cheer up a pessimistic gamer and I thought I share some of it.


Fatal Inertia [360]

29 September 2008

Review by Milesh Bhana

I’ve always loved futuristic racing games. Invariably, they always have these funked out hovercraft-type things armed to the teeth with destructive weapons. The aim is to win the race by playing dirty. For the past decade, Wipeout has pretty much been the game to play if this is your cuppa tea (or F-Zero for the Nintendo fans).

Last year, a new game decided to take on Wipeout with a few interesting twists on this type of game. The biggest difference between exiting games like this and Fatal Inertia is that the weapons in existing game rely more on destruction while Fatal Inertia relies on using physics to throw your enemies off course.


Budgetgamer’s Guide to Audio – Part 2

22 September 2008

by Warren Ferguson

In our previous guide we looked at alternatives to surround sound. This time we’re looking at going the whole nine yards. Surround sound for your console is not out of your reach, with this guide we can take a look at how you can afford to step into the world of surround sound.


Lego Star Wars : The Complete Saga [360]

16 September 2008

Review by Clinton Butler

A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away…

LucasArts brings us Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, a light-hearted action adventure encompassing all six episodes. The basic appeal for this game is that it lets you revisit all the memorable moments from Star Wars with cute little Lego people wielding a light-saber.


skate [360]

9 September 2008

Review by Richard Marsh

I want you to take a moment and think of all the things you can do with R200. Maybe it’s a night out at the local watering hole. Maybe even a cheap dinner and movies for you and the significant other. Or maybe, you can spend it on the greatest skateboarding game ever made. EA’s Skate has surpassed the Tony Hawk franchise as the definitive skateboarding game. This coming from someone who:

a) Generally doesn’t like EA games (on high horse principal) and
b) Has been an avid supporter of the Tony Hawk games since Pro Skater 2.

But how exactly does Skate perform this miraculous task you ask? (more…)

Budgetgamer’s Guide to HD – Part 1

1 September 2008

by Milesh Bhana

In this generation of consoles, one of the biggest changes we’ve seen has been the improvement of graphical quality. Games like Gears of War, Uncharted:Drake’s Fortune, Metal Gear Solid 4 have shown us what the console’s are capable of graphically.

When seeing these games looking their best, we’re always shown the game, the “way it’s meant to be played” on a flat paneled widescreen High Definition (HD) TV.

As luck would have it, these are substantially more expensive that your standard television set, which natually, is where we come in. For many of you money, or simply not having enough space prevents you from getting an HD display.

A simple and cheap solution is to simply use a PC monitor. While these may not be HD in the strictest sense, the technology is similar enough for you to get the same benefit. The best part about using a PC monitor is that there’s a chance you may already have one.


Prey [360]

18 August 2008

Review by Milesh Bhana


  1. An animal hunted or caught for food; quarry
  2. One that is defenseless, especially in the face of attack; a victim
  3. A game about kicking some alien ass

In Prey, you play Tommy, a Cherokee mechanic who (along with his girlfriend and grandfather) gets abducted by aliens. Apart from the first chapter, the entire game takes place on a really massive alien spaceship called “The Sphere”. It’s up to Tommy to embrace his Indian heritage in order to save his girlfriend and eventually, the world.


Budgetgamer’s Guide to Audio – Part 1

11 August 2008

by Milesh Bhana

Next-gen gaming is surrounded by a cloud of buzz words, HD, Dolby Digital etc.. but what does it all mean? Well, we’ll get into that in a moment but essentially it means a more immersive gaming experience. Don’t be afraid of them and don’t rush out and buy every thing the salesmen tell you that you will need. Let’s start with the basics: Audio, sure having a fancy picture is great but a good audio setup can really enhance your gaming (and movie watching) without costing an arm and a leg.


Condemned: Criminal Origins [360]

4 August 2008

Review by Leavell Sampson

I had not heard of Condemned until the mini hype was made for Condemned 2. I saw it at Tradestation and decided, why the hell not? At a glance, the graphics are a little weak, but I have seen worse. The games makes up for it with the dark and involved storyline it follows.

I’ve always loved horror movies and was fooled into thinking this was a horror game, it’s an investigative thriller about a FBI agent who is framed for killing two other cops while on a hunt for a serial killer. Obviously, knowing that you are framed kinda gets you thinking that this is a carbon copy from a movie, and it does feel so. However, all the twist and turns in the plot and a well written script makes this game shine. Coming to the end your eyes open and you really get lost in your own head because it really does screw with your mind. Now I don’t want to give any spoilers for the game, but the end is really awesome, at least I think so.